Backpack & Bike | Canadian Foods You Must Try

Canadian Foods You Must Try

What do you think of when you think of Italian food? Pizza, pastas, wine. Mexican? Tacos, enchiladas, guacamole. What about Canadian food? Maple syrup. We have more than that are we are about to set the record straight.


Backpack & Bike | Canadian Foods | Poutine
Canadian Poutine by Half Baked Harvest

Poutine is the best Canadian food in my opinion. You really can’t go wrong with fries covered in cheese curds and gravy. What isn’t good covered in gravy? It is a glorious thing to find left over poutine in your fridge in the morning that you forgot about from your late night out. I could eat poutine for breakfast, and lunch, and dinner. Classic poutine is great, but there are now so many variations to try with toppings from pulled pork, perogies, and bacon. But for you vegetarians, I’d 10/10 would recommend Smoke’s Rainbow Veggie Poutine. It has mushroom gravy, cheese curds, cheese sauce, sour cream, guacamole, and Sriracha. I’d argue that it is better than the ol’ classic.

Omg please yes.

Nanaimo bars

Recipe from Bake Eat Repeat

I don’t know anyone who is a fan of that dried, shaved, coconut. But for Nanaimo bars I will partake. A dessert that is made of custard and chocolatey goodness, and can also transform dried coconut into something delicious is definitely something to note. Named after Nanaimo, British Columbia, this sweet square makes me proud.

Beaver Tails

Image courtesy of Carol via Yelp

Think if a donut was the shape of naan bread with sweeter, fancier toppings. You really can’t go wrong with deep fried dough covered in sugar. This is a food truck sort of food, most popular in ski resorts in Ottawa. But now Beaver Tails have become much more main stream and you can feast in almost any city across the country.

No real beavers are harmed in the consumption.

Butter Tart

Backpack & Bike | Canadian Foods | Butter Tarts
Recipe from I Wash, You Dry

Let me quote Wikipedia;

A butter tart is a type of small pastry tart highly regarded in Canadian cuisine and considered one of Canada’s quintessential desserts.

Now let me define quintessential

1. of the pure and essential essence of something:
2. of or relating to the most perfect embodiment of something

I approve that Canada is defined by a dessert with the word butter straight in the title. Shout out to our friend Raha who’s signature is basically a pie sized butter tart that she calls a “Sugar Pie”.

Kraft Dinner (KD)

Backpack & Bike | Canadian Food | KD
Backpack & Bike | Canadian Food | KD

SO I’VE HEARD that Canadian KD is the best instant mac & cheese out there. So they claim. Regardless, it is a staple of every university student. I don’t know if it’s the processed, powdered cheese, the soft and squishy noodles (they always seem over cooked, or maybe that’s just me), or the fact that they only take 5 minutes to prepare, you some how keep going back for more.

Personally I’m a no “ketchup on KD” person, while Matti votes ketchup. Agree to disagree.

Here is a throwback that sums everything up about KD.

Maple Syrup

Backpack & Bike | Canadian Food | Maple Syrup

I am a bit embarrassed to admit that I think maple syrup is sort of overrated. But ultra Canadian none-the-less, so it makes the list. Matti will oppose strongly and its 100% for maple syrup on everything. Maybe he is Buddy the Elf.


Also I cannot confirm nor deny if the rumour is true that the Canadian $100 bill truly does smell like maple syrup when you scratch it. Because I have never held a Canadian $100 bill.


Backpack & Bike | Canadian food | Montreal Bagel
Montreal Style bagels from The Woks of Life

After my stay in NYC, I am convinced that Canadian Bagels > American Bagels. I went on a quest in NYC for the best bagels, and yes, they are great, but they are boring. You can only get the usual, sesame, poppy seed, plain. Here in Toronto I can get any bagel I dream of. Cinnamon Raisin, check. Blueberry, check. Sundried Tomato Asiago, check. My favourite bagel is the Herb and Cheese from the Great Canadian Bagel. Yes it is a chain, but what’s good is good!

Peameal Bacon

Backpack & Bike | Canadian Food | Peameal Bacon

Why have thin bacon, when you can have thick bacon? Crispy corn meal on the edges of a thick cut bacon, I don’t need to say much more. Find the best peameal bacon sandwich in Toronto from BlogTO.

Caesar Cocktail


Backpack & Bike | Canadian Food |

Legend has it that a bartender from Calgary was making a Bloody Mary but from leftover soup ingredients that used clam stock. That was it. The Canadian Bloody Mary was born. Try Toronto’s best caesars.

Ketchup / All Dressed Chips


Backpack & Bike | Canadian Foods | Ketchup ChipsBackpack & Bike | Canadian Foods | All Dressed Chips

Two staple Canadian chip flavours that you can get in even the loneliest of gas stations. Ketchup chip are completely logical. You eat fries and potato wedges with ketchup, so why not potato chips. What is illogical is why ketchup chip aren’t international.

As for All Dressed, it’s sort of a catch-all flavour. A group people couldn’t all decided on one flavour so they said, why not just have all of them. Logic wins again.

Bagged milk




Yes, bagged milk makes the list. Bagged milk is an experience. Come to Ontario specifically and experience the legendary bagged milk.


I love my home Toronto, Canada and one amazing thing is that you can eat pretty much anything, from any part of the world. You will never get pallet fatigue. And even if you do, you’ll always have bagged milk to cleanse it.