Packing Light | Travel Items that will save you space

Packing Light: Travel Items That Will Save You Space

Our backpacks are nearly all packed and ready to go. The plan is to carry-on all of our packs so that we never have to part with our stuff or pay extra flying fees to check luggage. With space as valuable as money, every bit saved and squeezed helps. Here are a few really cool things we use to save space in our backpacks and travel light.

Firstly, let me show you our packs.

North Face Terra 40Gregory Stout 45

My bag is the North Face Terra 40 and Matti is using the Gregory Stout 45. They are both hiking packs that are about the mid range size as for backpacks go. We will tell you how they perform as we go along!

Neither of us have travelled for this long while packing this light. So we were really impressed by all the cool, compact travel gear that is out there. Here is what we picked up for the ride.

1. Foldable Day Bags


The piece of equipment that I’m most excited about is our day bags. We both got day packs that can fold up really tight so that they can fit into our main backpacks while we are traveling. I got the MEC Travel Light Day Pack and Matti has the Black Diamond Bbee 11 They are also both super light weight, but can still pack enough for the day. They don’t have any stiff back support, so they can fold into nearly nothing.

MEC Travel Light Daypack
What a time to be alive.

2. Compact Tooth Brush

Aurelle TOOB Travel Toothbrush
Aurelle TOOB Travel Toothbrush

A great stocking-stuffer gift for the traveller in your family. All in one, toothbrush, cover, and refillable toothpaste, all taking up the least amount of space possible.

3. Foldable Water Bottle

Vapur bottle can hold 1L of water
And fold into nothingness.

Reusable water bottles are a great convenience and you don’t need to waste money on bottled water. But bottles are a real space suck because they take up so much space even when they’re empty. Something that folds up is easy to store when not in use. Also the handy clip makes it easy to attach to the outside of your bag.

4. Folding Mini Bottles

Soft Travel Bottles

Giving these little guys a try for the first time. The small bottles hold 60lm and the larger bottles hold 100ml of fluids making them all airplane carry-on safe. We have used them for our shampoos and soaps and we will be able to refill them along our trip only carrying a small amount that we need.

5. International Power Adaptor

Go Travel Worldwide Plug Adapter

An all-in-one power adaptor is a compact way to save yourself from buying a new adaptor for every different part of the world that you’re traveling to. There are many different brands and types out there, but something that pushes the electrical prongs out the base, and hide the ones not in use, will be easier than searching through your little baggy of different sized plugs.

6. Toms

TOMS Dark Jersey Woman's Classic    Toms Light Blue Chambrey Men's Paseos

Classic. Light. Compact. Comfy. Save space in our bags and look super cool? We will take it.

7. PackTowl


Campers and travellers swear by PackTowl. Ultra small and compact, they even come with a cute pouch for storage. Plus they dry quick and don’t get smelly. Bath and beach towels seriously take up so much precious space in your bag. Never going back.

Any thing else you’d add to this list? I’d probably buy something that could shrink 8 shirts into the size of 3 shirts. But the future hasn’t caught up to my needs yet. One day…