20 things to do (and drink) in Berlin, Germany – Part 1

Berlin is whirlwind of a city. There are so many different kinds of people, foods, buildings – and it seems like the city never falls asleep. But where to start? All “things to do” lists are not made equally. So that’s why we’ve made things easy for you and divided our list by priorities. It’s all about prioritizing people… efficiency.

Take a photo in front of…


1. Check point Charlie

When Berlin was divided, Check Point Charlie was the last point you’d have to pass through to get into East Berlin. So while in Berlin, this is sort of a must see. There are many tourists snapping their shots with the check point guards and holding up traffic standing in the middle of the road to get the perfect angle.

Photo op, check!

2. Berlin Wall

Right by Check Point Charlie, you’ll be able to see a double brick line on the ground that marks where the wall once was. Another solid photo op as you can straddle the wall having half your body in the East and half in the West.

Berlin Wall
Matti is currently in West Berlin, since the plaque is read right side up.

Bonus: The Wall Panorama Exhibit

We checked out the The Wall Panorama Exhibit – DIE MAUER – The Asisi Panorama. It cost 10 euros to enter the exhibit and you’ll be able to see exclusive photos from what life was like just before, during, and after the wall was up. And the big showcase is a full panoramic, atmospheric installation that makes you feel like you’re standing at the in front of the wall, as it was in the 80s.  We happened to be there at the perfect time. At 11:30am each day there is a free tour that is included with your entry. Would recommend.

3. East Side Gallery

For about a kilometer or so, the remaining wall has been transformed into a gallery of murals featuring artists from all around the world. Grab a coffee and stroll down the sidewalk, with your camera in hand of course. There are about a million photo ops here!

Try to miss peak tour bus times, or you’ll see this.

4. Brandenburger Tor (Gate)

Probably one of the iconic post card monuments of Berlin, The Brandenburg Gate basically marks the centre of the city.

Bonus points for spotting the pretzel bicycle man.

5. Jewish Memorial

Just passed the gate, you’ll find the Jewish Memorial consisting of 2000 something concrete grey slabs. The memorial is a ode to a bit of a cemetery, eerie, uneasy vibe. Apparently the number of slabs doesn’t have any real significance, but rather the atmosphere created.

Bonus: Free entrance to the exhibit

At the memorial, you should probably go into the exhibit… it’s free anyways! It’s not really a fun place, lots of reading and sad thoughts. But you know, it’s always important to remember.

6. Reichstag Building (Parliament Building)

Also very close to Brandenburg Gate, check it out while you’re there. It’s a building with some history… Not too interesting to us, but history buffs may enjoy. There is a big glass dome at the top which was made to represent transparency in the government (I may have made that up, but it sounds legit).

7. Berliner Dom (Berlin Cathedral)

Surrounded by 4 museum, the Berlin Cathedral is a good check point in the city to meet up at with others and take a walk. Another quite recognizable monument of the city. Snap your selfie!

8. Fernsehturm Berlin (TV Tower)

I’d describe the TV Tower the CN Tower of Berlin! It is also a landmark to mark the center of town. There is an observation deck at the top and restaurants and souvenir shops at the base. It is the tallest building in the city, so it can act as a navigation sight when you’re lost, wandering the city streets.

Even better photo if you get Zeus.


Can you tell it was cold this day?


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And there you have it. This is what we crammed into a mere 5 days in Berlin. What would you have done differently? We’d love to know!

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