Revisiting: Cycling Across Canada – “Hope = Rambo” Post #4 WEDESDAY, 20 JUNE 2012

Foreword: Bwahaha as if Kailen read this update! My dear childhood friend Kailen has proudly proclaimed that he has never even read a book. Kailen: you did not read this, and you still aren’t reading this. You will probably never read this. Which is why I can shame you for never having read a book.

Regrettably, Dan’s website is no longer up and running. I actually even can’t find anything when I Google “Dan North” and “Alzheimer’s”. We didn’t hear too much about his story, it was a very brief encounter, but he was a generous man on a mission. I cannot recall if it was he who had early stages Alzheimer’s disease, or a loved one. Probably a loved one. I wonder if our encounter has ever since flickered through his mind. I doubt it – especially if he has Alzheimer’s! Ooooh, Alzheimer’s joke for the win! Don’t worry they won’t remember you were making fun of their condition anyways. Ooooh!

I remember watching Rambo this night in the tent (I had unlimited internet data, and downloaded it on my phone). I think it was this night anyways. That was pretty cool. Actually this night was pretty cool. Cold cool, as in we got almost no sleep. Little did we know that the next day would be one of the toughest of our entire journey.

(Note: I added in the links to the Untappd reviews of the beers I tried this and the previous day. Good to see they’re still being sold 6 years later).


Hope = Rambo


Sorry for the delay in posting this. I drafted it last night but didn’t have a connection to post it. It was meant for the 19th…

What’s interesting about Hope B.C., your ask? Well, it’s where Rambo with Sylvester Stallone was filmed! (Kailen, I’m bringing you back a sweet souvenir from this place!) Back in the 80s, Rambo helped put Hope on the map and really increased tourism to the area. Sadly, the locals have become disenchanted because the bridge that Rambo walked across at the beginning of the film was demolished a couple years ago. This was apparently because it costed too much to maintain and also because river floods constantly threatened to sweep it away anyways.

The cycling today was absolutely breathtaking. The pictures at the bottom don’t do it justice. We’re sounded by majestic mountains and sweet woody air. As we cycled we met a gentleman named Dan who is cycling North to the Yukon in support of Alzheimers disease. He offered us some advice and Lindt chocolate and so we took to him instantly. We wish him happy travels to the Yukon. Please check out his blog at (it’s funny because his last name is North).

Mom, I think you’ll love these pictures of wooden sculptures that literally line the streets of Hope. There are literally hundreds of them, all carved by the same artist. I hope that someday in Toronto wooden sculptures and prostitutes will coexist peacefully on street corners. Maybe wooden sculptures of prostitutes? Whatever the case, get me some wooden sculptures, dammit!

I’m currently drinking another local beer: Cutthroat Pale Ale from Kelowna. Its from the same maker as Thirsty Beaver Amber Ale, and tastes similar.

John and I are currently at a campground just outside a little known landmark called the Othello Tunnels which were apparently a setting in Rambo. It’s full of gentle old people who are meters away playing cards in a quiet little lodge. It’s a very peaceful campground and John and I are watching Louis CK. Brilliant man he is (Louis CK, not John).

Tomorrow we set sail for Merritt. Thanks for your continued support, readership, and donations. Please spread the word. Also, if you know of any potential hosts living in any of the places we’re heading, please let us know (see a few posts below for our tentative route).

Abandoned gas station
real Swiss Chalet
Amazing detail
They tasted gross…