Our 6 week New Zealand Cycling Route – Initial Plan

It’s happening… We are finally doing it. Our flight out to Auckland from Toronto is tomorrow and we couldn’t be more excited. It has been a bucket list item for a few years now and we are finally checking it off our list.

What am I talking about? Six weeks of cycling and exploring the North and South island of New Zealand, land of kiwi birds, the All Blacks, meat pies, and sheep.

Our Six Week New Zeland Route Plan

We have laid out a rough route plan, which will hopefully keep us on track to not miss our flight, but this is all subject to change, as plans always do when you start chatting with locals and learn what are the things worth doing and seeing.

Obviously, we must hit up the international tourist traps, visit the Shire, go bungee jumping, etc. But we also plan on doing a lot of camping and seeing smaller towns and less beaten trails along the way.

Day 1Fly into AucklandTo our hosts’ home in Auckland31
Day 2Rest – Explore Auckland
Day 3Aukland Papakura42
Day 4PapakuraHamilton112
Day 5HamiltonHobbiton Movie Set48
Day 6Hobbiton Movie Set Waiotapu99
Day 7WaiotapuTaupo54
Day 8Rest in Taupo
Day 9TaupoMt Ngauruhoe89
Day 10Hike Mt Doom
Day 11Mt NgauruhoeKakatahi98
Day 12KakatahiSantoft100
Day 13SantoftHimakangi beach50
Day 14Himakangi beachWellington130
Day 15Rest in Wellington
Day 16Wellington Ferry to Picton (3 hours)Onahau Lookout33
Day 17Onahau LookoutNelson90
Day 18NelsonSt. Arnaud80
Day 19St Arnaud Inangahua109
Day 20InangahuaPunakaiki90
Day 21PunakaikiMoana82
Day 22MoanaArthurs Pass [book homestay]64
Day 23Arthur’s PassRest/Hike? Maybe?
Day 24Arthur’s PassHokitka90
Day 25HokitkaWhataroa101
Day 26WhataroaFranz Joseph Glacier36
Day 27Franz JosephBruce Bay79
Day 28Bruce BayHaast71
Day 29HaastMakarora79
Day 30MakaroraWanaka67.4
Day 31WanakaHike to Roy’s Peak
Day 32WanakaQueenstown71
Day 33QueenstownBungee? Vinyard?
Day 34QueenstownSkipper’s Canyon?
Day 35QueenstownActon106
Day 36Acton Te Anau69
Day 37Te AnauHalfway Camp towards Milford Sound60
Day 38Halfway Camp SpotMilford Sound58
Day 39Milford Sound
Day 40Milford SoundChristchurchBUS? – EXPORE
Day 41ChristchurchAuklandFLIGHT
Day 42Fly out of Aukland

So even though this looks pretty set in stone, it is absolutely not. We have to set out from Christchurch back to Auckland to catch our flight home. So we will probably need a bit more buffer time at the end, but c’est la vie. We will figure it out, as do we always.

After we return from our trip – we will see how this plan changed, if we kept to it, if it completely didn’t, and if we missed our flight home.

Wish us luck. Any tips or must sees while we are in New Zealand? There’s no way anyone can do everything, but we’d love to know if there are any absolute must dos that we are missing!

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