Introduction to Us.



This is the adventure of an elementary school teacher and a designer who decided that being comfortable is the most uncomfortable thing.

I wouldn’t describe us as the nomadic, hippy type. We are two averagely mid-twenty people, working full time jobs in Toronto, Canada. We are comfortable where we are, there is no real reason to uproot and change the course of our lives.

But it’s just that. That is the scary part. Here, let’s hypothetically play out the rest of this story: We continue to work these jobs for the next few years, buy a house, have a kid, own a mini van, then die. *shudder* Nope. Not us. It’s just a scary thing to us to settle already.

This is why we are going. We are going because we are comfortable. We are going to be uncomfortable. We are going because we are not finish making mistakes.

We depart from Toronto to Singapore March 30, 2015. Here is where we send messages into the vast internet so that you can check on us and make sure we haven’t been taken and killed for our organs to be sold on the black market.

– Sara